Spoonie Rule #1

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT beat yourself up and feel guilty if you cannot go to an event or you cannot do this or do that. Sometimes you have to put your health first and being a people pleaser I’ve learned that the hard way sometimes. Take care of your body and health, and then once that is under control you can start worrying about everything else going on in your life. It’s OKAY to say you know what? Maybe I don’t have the energy to do this today. I’m going to rest all day.

I know you’re probably sitting there hurting inside because you wanted to go to that concert, or be there for this person, or do that for your mom (and trust me I’ve felt the guilt—it’s horrible—I’ve felt guilty to the point of breaking down in tears many, many times), but at the end of the day you have to be happy and healthy too. Pace yourself, rest when needed and preserve those precious spoons.

All Day Events…A Spoonie’s Worst Nightmare

So… Pretty sad that things that used to be fun are now things that I dread. I’m supposed to be going to the State Fair tomorrow and my family wants to stay there all day long. My dad said probably 10 hours. Wait what….?! 10 hours?

Yeaaaah. So that happened. Lol Now I’m freaking out because I can hardly handle a few hours of just sitting up, so how in the world am I going to be walking around for 10 hours? I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’ll salt and fluid load, take some steroids and hope for the best… Hoping that I can just be there a short time and be dropped off somewhere for the remainder of the day so I can rest.

Being a spoonie sucks sometimes I was actually kind of looking forward to the fair until I realized it was probably going to completely drain me. Lol

Spoonie in Need of a Vacation…

Anybody else need a vacation??? I’ve literally been go-go-go since the end of August with art shows, projects, different events… I’m supposed to be going to the fair this Saturday but I haven’t done an all-day thing like that in forever… And I’m running on fumes even at this very moment. Isn’t it awful that we sometimes dread things that are supposed to be fun?? Makes me sad.. I used to have all the energy in the world.

So..Preparing for the worst.. I may just end up collapsing there lol…. :| Really really need some good rest one of these days. & I mean like weeks of good rest. Can I get an amen?? #BURNTOUT :(